Full Energy Microtron Beam Extracted

On Monday 28 November 2011 at 1.13 a.m., the Microtron beam was successfully extracted from its final orbit (orbit 42) with the full energy of 22.5MeV, according to the specifications of SESAME's classical Microtron. This eagerly-awaited beam was obtained in the second session of Microtron full-energy commissioning. Starting with a low-energy beam (5.4MeV), which had already been obtained in the previous session, the Microtron commissioning team was able to raise the energy in steps by extracting the beam from higher orbits, after optimizing the beam intensity in each previous orbit. The Microtron electron beam, which has minimum-extraction energy of 5.4MeV, increases by 0.535MeV in each orbit to end up with 22.5MeV, the operational Microtron energy.


Microtron's beam at full energy (22.5 MeV)


 Commissioning Team



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