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In September 2015, 27 physics students and teachers from Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Palestinian Authority and Turkey took part in the 1st student and teacher school for SESAME held at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Geneva (Switzerland).

The school was designed to promote networking between schools from the SESAME Members, and also to bring modern physics to the classroom, and in this way encourage students to pursue an education in science.

During the school there was a video presentation by the President of the SESAME Council, Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith.

There was also a 45-minute video conference between some of the staff at SESAME in Jordan and the organisers of, and participants in, the school, which gave the latter the opportunity to put direct questions to SESAME regarding different aspects of the project. The numerous questions put forward centered on the technical construction of SESAME (accelerator physics, vacuum, power supplies, beamlines, computing….) and SESAME’s role in the promotion of scientific research and outreach in the region, as well as on how SESAME may be used by researchers from both SESAME Members and non-Members.