SESAME Souvenir Brochure

This souvenir brochure, specially prepared for the Opening Ceremony of SESAME on 16 May 2017, gives information on the SESAME Centre, its history and structure. It describes some of the science that SESAME will enable, and acknowledges the work of the SESAME staff and that of the past and current Directors, as well as the support provided by the SESAME Members, numerous synchrotron radiation laboratories and many external supporters that made SESAME possible.

SESAME People Brochure

This brochure features some of the people involved in constructing SESAME and future SESAME users.

SESAME Leaflet

This leaflet briefly describes in a handy one-page leaflet what SESAME and its objectives are, the first 4 of its 7 Phase I beamlines, its users and partnerships, as well as opportunities for capacity building and training.