The 38.4m circumference Booster ring is composed of 6 similar FODO cells that contain 2 Bending Magnets (BM), 2 Focusing Quadrupoles (QF), and one Defocusing Quadrupole (QD) in each, with one Beam Position Monitor (BPM) and one horizontal corrector in each straight section. Electrons are injected into Booster at 20 MeV energy and extracted at 800 MeV, then transferred to the Storage Ring through the transfer line TL2. The magnetic flux in the dipoles at 800 MeV is 1 T. The frequency of the accelerating RF system is 500 MHz.

The main parameters of the Booster are listed in the Table below.


Parameter Symbol Value
Inject / Extract energies (M2V) Ei / Ee 20 / 800
Circumference (m) C 38.4
Dipole bending radius (m) p 2.67
Design tunes Vx , Vy 2.22,1.31
Emittance at top energy (nm.rad) ɛ0 170
Design output current (mA) I 5
Repetition (Hz) fr 1