SESAME is glad to inform you that the call for application to participate in the ICTP - WE Heraeus conference on Sustainability and Resilience Through Large Scale Infrastructures and Remote and Automated Experiments is now open.
Announcement | 01 April, 2024
The Masters Programme is designed to provide young, promising graduates of physics or related fields (mainly from developing countries) with postgraduate theoretical and clinical training so that candidates may be recognised as clinical medical physicists in their home countries.
Announcement | 03 March, 2024
The 18th European Powder Diffraction Conference, EPDIC18, is scheduled to take place in Padova (Italy) from August 30th to September 2nd, 2024.
Announcement | 08 February, 2024
We are glad to announce that it is now possible to apply for proposals to the five operational beamlines of SESAME.
Announcement | 09 January, 2024
CERN invites young scientists throughout the world from CERN Member States, Associate Member States and non-Member States pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in physics, engineering, computer science, or mathematics to apply to participate in its 2024 Summer Student capacity-building activities.
Announcement | 24 December, 2023
Introductory lessons on experimental techniques being used at large-scale facilities.
Announcement | 19 November, 2023
SESAME is glad to invite you to the third edition of the ICTP online School on Synchrotron Light Sources and their Applications.
Announcement | 22 October, 2023
We are glad to announce a remarkable opportunity for scientists based in SESAME Members to participate in the German Physical Society (DPG) Spring Meetings, thanks to the generous support of the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Foundation (WE-Heraeus-Foundation).
Announcement | 19 October, 2023
We are glad to announce that SESAME is now accepting proposals for the user period starting from January 01st, to June 30th 2024.
Announcement | 30 July, 2023
logo joins the international community in celebrating the International Day of Light, and on 16 May it will bring together scientists from 4th generation light sources for insights into their career paths and research in their laboratories.
Announcement | 07 May, 2023