SESAME Users’ Committee (SUC)

The SESAME Users’ Committee (SUC) represents the interests of all students, post-docs and scientists who perform research at SESAME. It provides a platform for communication between the SESAME user community and the management of SESAME through which the concerns and needs of the user community may be conveyed to the management, and the management may transmit to the users information on current and future plans for the Facility. The Committee also facilitates communication between the SESAME users on the one hand, and the SESAME users and users of other synchrotron radiation laboratories on the other. It helps SESAME organize its annual Users’ Meeting.

The Terms of Reference of the SUC are laid down by the Director of SESAME.

SESAME users who are aware of a topic that is of importance for the SESAME user community or have an issue they would like the SUC to address are invited to contact the Committee.