The SESAME Council has two Committees to advise it on the Centre's accelerators, equipment and scientific programmes, namely the:

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC); and

Machine Advisory Committee (MAC)

Both Committees have a key role to play to ensure that SESAME will provide scientifically-excellent research capability with state-of-the-art experimental facilities, operated in a user-friendly manner.

The members of the two Committees serve in a personal capacity. They are nominated by the SESAME Council on the basis of their scientific excellence and the relevance of their specialization to the work of the Advisory Committee for which they have been selected. Many of the members of the Advisory Committees are eminent experts from a number of leading synchrotron light sources in such countries as Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and USA. A number of the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee are nationals of the Members of SESAME so as to ensure that due account is taken of the Members’ scientific needs.